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All tutoring sessions are guaranteedIn each session, you will learn one or more good strategies to help your child’s literacy improve or you will not be charged for the session.  Additionally, your child will demonstratively improve in literacy (acquire a skill or more) in 3 sessions or your money will be refunded. Daily practice of the children’s literacy strategies taught in the sessions is assumed and is key for learning. abcsforliteracy.com, we teach children to read and write easily and with confidence. Our Guarantee: Refunded if Do Not Learn a Strategy Each Session or Child Does Not Acquire a Skill in 3 Sessions.

We Teach & Tutor:

Our educators teach & tutor.  abcsforliteracy.com offers a literacy programs that includes strategies learned from top educators nationally and internationally.  Our educators very effectively teach the material in our literacy program. But beyond that, our educators are certified, experienced elementary teachers who have much insight on what may be confusing to a child and how to help a child learn a skill.  As a tutor, our educators are able to answer a child’s or parent’s questions.

• All that is needed from you for a session is unlined paper (like typing paper as young children are often confused by lines) and a black crayon or marker to help assess your child’s skills- and of course you and your child in front of the webcam!

• One guaranteed, webcam session will provide you with key building blocks to jumpstart your child’s literacy education- an easy way to give your child a head start in school. For your child to build a stronger literacy foundation, abcsforliteracy.com suggests at least 6 sessions.

• Practicing the reading and writing activities and games, taught by our educators, for only minutes a day with your child can make the difference in helping your child become an early and successful reader and writer. At the preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade age, the best teacher is usually at home. We just help the parent know what to do.

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