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Join us with a yearlong Kindergarten Foundational Lesson membership and have access to printable hands-on learning activities & instructional videos based on top educators’ strategies that very effectively build a child’s knowledge. If a child needs more help, schedule a $25 tutoring appointment at a time convenient for the child & parent. Our 3 membership types (child & parents, daycare/preschool/library facility, & school building) help all the primary stakeholders in a child’s education understand each other and work together by using the same quality & affordable teaching resources.

Our literacy program groups skills in  help your child learn most of the skills in  before working on the skills in  to help progress the child easily. The learning activities are fun, and a child will want to learn more. Practice should start out at about 5 minutes and work up to about 10 minutes at a time, 2 -3 times a day. Daily praise & encouragement yield results. The goal is to keep the child engaged and eager to learn more.

A Kindergarten Foundational Lesson Membership builds literacy skills easily step-by-step, block-by-block. Learn the reading & writing basics about the alphabet, about words & about sentences using phonics, phonemic awareness, decoding, whole-language & word work. Our program uses highly effective teaching strategies of top educators that help each child become a top student & have fun all along the way by building a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

Not all children progress at the same pace, some race ahead, some explore a bit longer.
Learning is not a race, but a journey to savor.

K-1 Member Lessons: Over 100 Foundational Learning Activities

Build skills block-by-block and help parents, educators, & childcare providers easily work together using and referencing the same affordable, quality educational materials for a child’s success. The foundational lessons are repetitive and skill building.

Child & Parents

1 year Membership $55

Classroom Teacher (limited to 30 students)

1 year Membership $225

Summer Tutor Teacher (for use in public libraries or schools)

1 year Membership $165

Daycare/Preschool/Library Facility

1 year Membership $225

School Building (unlimited # classrooms & homework use)

1 year Membership $1,275

School District/System (for up to 10 schools & homework use)

1 year Membership $7,650

School District/System (10-20 schools & homework use)

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School District/System (over 20 schools & homework use)

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Members have access to the K-1 Foundational Learning Activities 24 hours a day for 365 days. Please note that PK Foundational Lessons are available free online and are a very good preview.

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