Can Count Words in a Simple Sentence


  1.  To introduce the concept, say a simple sentence using your fingers to count the words as you speak each word.  Then help your child to count the words with their fingers as the same sentence is repeated by you both. 

As your child shows understanding of the concept of counting words in a sentence, change to just saying the sentence (not modeling counting the words as you speak) and then have your child repeat the sentence and count the words with their fingers.

  1. Alternately, use objects to count the words such as pennies: move up a penny for each word spoken.  


See video of both strategies:

First, try these:


You are smart.

This is very fun.

We live here.

I like ice cream.

Do you see it?

It was very good.

It is fun.

I ran home too.

We will run very fast.

You are so much fun.



Later, try harder sentences- sentences that have multi-syllable words:
For example:


We are running fast.

We learned to gallop.

The story was interesting.

Play cowboys with me.

We are jumping high!

I like to play soccer.

Do you play basketball?


Practice 3-5 sentences a day until your child can consistently correctly count the number of words in 5 sentences.  Usually this skill takes several days to learn.