Can Name the Beginning Sound in a Simple Word

Strategy to teach skill:  Clearly annunciate the beginning sound of a word to the point of bouncing the beginning sound of the word and ask your child to repeat the first sound that he or she hears when you say the word.   
For example:


b b ball

c c cat

h h hog

w w wet

s s sing

l l laugh

f f find

g g get

m m make

j j jump

Practice bouncing sounds with the Phonics Song:

Next, practice words without bouncing the beginning sound. But be careful to clearly annunciate the word when you say it to your child.  This skill may take some time to learn.

Practice this skill 1 to 2 minutes per day until you child has mastered the skill.  Mastery is demonstrated when the child repeatedly, over several days, makes no errors.