Can Count Number of Syllables in a Word

Strategy to teach skill: Have your child practice saying words with their thumb under their chin.  Have your child count the number of times his or her chin goes down as a word is said to count the number of syllables in a word. Practice 4 or 5 words at a time and mix up the words to keep your child on their toes.  The purpose of this skill is to teach the child to listen to the parts of the word and to begin to think about the letter sounds in the word.  When your child can consistently get 5 in a row correct, they have learned this skill.

cat  (1)
duck (1)
pig (1)
hotdog (2)
ketchup (2)
bread (1)
pudding (2)
lock (1)
necklace (2)
ring (1)
hippopotamus (5)
rhinoceros (4)
deer (1)
mouse (1)
cake (1)
locket (2)
unicorn (3)
telephone (3)
table (2)
sandwich (2)
elephant (3)
watermelon (4)
decision (3)
eating (2)
elephant (3)
staircase (2)
tiger (2)
shepherd (2)
alligator (4)
raptor (2)
thanksgiving (3)
gobbledegook (4)
brontosaurus (4)