Can Drop Part of Word


Start out by saying familiar compound words and asking the child to leave off part of the compound word.  This skill helps your child learn to focus on the sounds in a word.

Say to your child, to explain what you are doing:  I am going to say a big word and I want you to say back part of the word.  For example, if I say  butterfly without the butter is:   pause 2-3 seconds -you would say fly.  Now let’s try these words:  (Practice 3-4 at a time over several days)

starfish without the fish is:
hamburger without the ham is:
Sunday without the day is:
firefly without the fire is:
houseboat without the boat is:
sunset without  the sun is:
ballpark without the park is:
sunrise without the rise is:
sidewalk without the walk is:
fireman without the fire is:
catfish without the cat is:
schoolday without the day is:


Once your child can answer 5-6 right away, they have a hang of this skill.