Can Blend Syllables to a Say Whole Word


Start out by saying familiar compound words slowly and encouraging your child to practice saying the compound word correctly.

For example, say the words below with a good pause, 2-3 seconds, between the words and let your child say the word correctly as a compound word.  Say to your child, to explain what you are doing:  I am going to say a word very slowly and I want you to say it correctly.  For example, if I say   hot   (pause 2-3 seconds) dog  – you would say hotdog.   Now let’s try these words:

base  pause  ball
sun  pause  fish
house  pause  boat
with  pause  out
ball   pause  park
sun  pause   rise
fire pause fly
sun  pause   set
goal pause  post
butter pause fly
ham pause burger
side pause walk
sun pause day

Try some multisyllable words:
tues pause day
ta pause ble
jump pause ing
skip pause ing
laugh pause ter

Once your child can correct you right away, they have a hang of this skill.