About Us

Learning to read and write early opens educational doors for success in life.

Our educators are certified elementary education teachers or retired certified elementary education teachers. All our educators have experience teaching kindergarten and/or 1st grade and have specialized training in literacy, in addition, many have experience in other lower primary grades. Our literacy strategies are learned from top national educators and educational researchers, plus several effective strategies that we developed and used ourselves over the years. We also do extensive research of what literacy activities are offered free on the internet and introduce the parent to the best activities for children, like starfall.com. Our educators help parents understand when it is best to use these activities to help their child. We love to teach children one-on-one and specialize in the emergent reader and writer ages 3 to 7.

Most of our educators have attended and learned teaching strategies from the International Reading Association National Conference, the I Teach Kindergarten National Conference, the I Teach 1st Grade National Conference, or The Learning and the Brain National Conference. All abcsforliteracy.com educators have obtained graduate hours in education and most have specialized in literacy. Unlike most brick-and-mortar national and regional learning centers, our educators have degrees in elementary education, not for example, a communications degree or a high school diploma. To that point, we believe and ensure that each educator has knowledge and experience to add to the tutoring session- we do not rely simply on our proven literacy program; we also rely on our educators. And learning is guaranteed.

All educators with abcsforliteracy.com must pass annual background checks to verify that the educator has no misdemeanors or felonies involving children. Further, our educators are required to uphold high civic morals and therefore, no felony convictions of any type are allowed as a basis for employment.

P. Hamm, Founder & Educator

MBA, MAT and further graduate literacy courses

Please contact us below. Our goal is to help children learn how to read and write easily. Limit 1500 characters or 200 words.