Skill 1: Can sing or say the alphabet.

A.) Strategy to teach the skill: Sing or say the alphabet song in parts and have the child repeat the part back to you before going to next part of alphabet. For example, sing ABCDEFG, then sing back that part with your child. Then sing HIJKLMNOP and sing back this part with your child. Next sing QRSTUVWXY and Z and sing back this portion of the song with your child.

B.) Another strategy to teach the skill: Let your child say or sing the alphabet up to the point where an error is made. Stop your child and make the correction, carefully repeating the letters prior and subsequent to the mistake. Then have your child sing or say the alphabet again starting at the beginning. For example, if a child says ABCDEG stop them at the error of leaving out F. Repeat the letter prior to the error saying the correction with pause for emphasis: E (pause) F (pause) G and then let the child complete the rest of the alphabet. Immediately encourage your child to repeat alphabet again to practice the correction.

C.) Sing the alphabet song while looking at upper case letters the Sesame Street way. The focus is on upper case letters.

D.) Practice makes perfect. Sing the alphabet song again and again with your child or have your child sing with an alphabet song while watching a video from SuperSimpleSongs. The video helps teach the child to use the alphabet song as a reference to properly identify a lower case letter. Lower case letters are used more in print as a capital letter is normally only used as the beginning letter of a sentence and the rest of the text is lower case letters.

E.) Strategy to teach skill: Practice the identifying the alphabet the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom way. Lower case letters are more difficult for children to learn.
Watch this video of the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book: