We teach the building blocks of children's literacy. Learn with our online tutoring.


Learning with Children’s Books

Parental Involvement

Hands-on Learning Activities

(The top 3 factors cited by research that effect early literacy success)

We deliver printable, hands-on learning activities, guidance on children’s books, and teaching strategies in tutoring sessions designed to engage the child and inform the parent.


If you question HOW DO YOU BEST TEACH A CHILD TO READ AND WRITE to help your child get ahead, catch up, or learn foundational literacy skills, abcsforliteracy.com has the answers.

• Our literacy program is continually revised to include the most effective literacy strategies from top national and international educators and educational researchers as well as tried and proven literacy strategies in use in top classrooms.

• Our goal is to help the parent, daycare teacher, or primary educator easily teach a child how to read and write.

Tutoring, memberships, lessons, professional development, and expert tips facilitate just that!

All tutoring sessions are guaranteedIn each session, you will learn one or more good strategies to help your child’s literacy improve or you will not be charged for the session.  Additionally, your child will demonstratively improve in literacy (acquire a skill or more) in 3 sessions or your money will be refunded. Daily practice of the children’s literacy strategies taught in the sessions is assumed and is key for learning. abcsforliteracy.com, we teach children how to read and write easily and with confidence.

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