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Our literacy program groups skills in , , building blocks to help your child progress without frustration. Help your child learn most of the skills in before working on the skills in to help progress your child easily. The learning activities are fun, and your child will want to learn more. Practice should start out at about 5 minutes and work up to about 10 minutes at a time, maybe 2 times a day. The goal is to keep your child engaged and loving learning. Learning is a journey, not to be rushed, but savored.

"Discover the magic of learning, step-by-step, block-by-block."

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abcsforliteracy.com literacy program will help your child build a strong "literacy house", using strategies that build skills block by block, that can withstand the “huffs and puffs” of life. Our literacy program is continually revised to include the most effective literacy strategies from top national and international educators and educational researchers as well as tried and proven literacy strategies in use in top classrooms. We also review the free educational YouTubes and websites available and include links to the best in our program. Our goal is to help the parent, daycare teacher, or primary educator teach a child, or many children, how to read and write easily.

Our Program:

• Teaches a balanced literacy approach including concepts of phonics, phonemic awareness, and whole-language.

• Program is research-based, child-tested, standards-aligned, and developmentally-appropriate.

• Convenient, guaranteed webcam tutoring is specific to the child’s learning level.

• Helps the parent understand proven literacy strategies to clearly advance the child’s learning.

• Provides effective and fun strategies, activities, or games to support the child’s learning.

• Free and For a Fee Literacy Skill Lessons build a solid literacy foundation, skill by skill.

• Literacy eBooks for parents, teachers, schools, and daycares support individualized learning.

• Helps children develop reading and writing skills, block by block, to build on for a lifetime.

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P. Hamm, Founder & Educator

Educators helping children ages 3-7 learn how to read & write easily