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Get much more knowledge here: some free, some for a fee.

Click the “Free Lessons” or “For a Fee Lessons” link to access the list of lessons and eBooks using phonics, phonemic awareness, and whole-language methods to teach. Fun, effective, hands-on teaching strategies from expert and experienced educators making a parent’s job of helping their child learn how to read & write easy. Knowledge to help a preschooler, kindergarten, or 1st grader, if not provided free, provided for a small fee.

Free PK & Kindergarten Lessons:

Build lasting literacy skills, block by block,
for a strong literacy foundation.
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Available for Purchase PK, K, & 1st Grade Lessons:

Lesson Sets, $10 per set, teach literacy skills to build on.
eBooks, $25 each, to build a solid literacy foundation.
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  1. Source:  P. Stearns, Educator & Founder, ABCs for Literacy

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