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SKYPE Webcam Conference with a Literacy Educator & learn helpful teaching strategies. Parent, Child & Literacy Educator work as a TEAM to support the child’s learning. Each webcam consultation costs $25.00 for a 25 minute session. Learning is guaranteed or there is no charge for the appointment. An educator will assess what skills will best build your child's literacy, and then will explain and introduce strategies to teach those skills. Teaching reading and writing can be simple and fun with a little tutoring and advice.
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All tutoring sessions are guaranteed. In each session, you will learn one or more good strategies to help your child’s literacy improve or you will not be charged for the session. Additionally, your child will demonstratively improve in literacy (acquire a skill or more) in 3 sessions or your money will be refunded. Daily practice of the children's literacy strategies taught in the sessions is assumed and is key for learning. abcsforliteracy.com, we teach children to read and write easily and with confidence.


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To cancel an appointment, please email us 12 hours beforehand for a full refund.

Our aim is to always be available for scheduled appointments, however unforeseen circumstances can cause a cancellation of an appointment by an educator.
If an appointment is cancelled by an educator, it can be rescheduled at a 25% discount.

P. Hamm, Founder & Educator

Educators helping children ages 3-7 learn how to read & write easily